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facility-9-960x300Life is not about sulking over your present situation; it is about standing firm and marching towards a better tomorrow. You might be stranded in the vicious cycle of addiction, but the courage to seek the road to recovery can change the very course of your life. If you or your loved one is struggling to fight for a sober self, it is time to seek treatment at one of the good inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers.

A reputed inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center gives a ray of hope to those who want to fight over their addictive habits and lead a finer life. Such centers can give a comprehensive treatment that includes pharmacological and psychological therapies, along with alternative treatment options. However, it is extremely important to find the right rehab, which suits your requirement.

What is Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?


Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation offers round-the-clock assistance during the entire length of the treatment. The patients have to check into the facility to avail the treatment procedures. Inpatient rehab is extremely beneficial for those who have regularly abused or been addicted to drugs for a long time.

The prime benefit of opting for an inpatient rehab center is that an individual can focus on his or her recovery process without distractions of everyday life. Moreover, the patients stay in a controlled environment and get no access to alcohol or drugs, which helps in preventing the chances of relapse. The patient can actively participate in all treatment-related activities while staying at the inpatient rehab center. He is able to avail the group and individual therapies along with pharmacological treatment processes. In fact, some high-end and prominent rehab centers also provide the accessibility to alternative treatments like yoga, exercise, meditation, etc.

Why Should You Choose an Inpatient Rehab Center?

An inpatient rehab center adopts a wholesome approach to treat an addiction. It helps manage the withdrawal symptoms effectively, and enhances life skills to cope up with the outside challenges under a constant supervised care. You should choose an inpatient rehab center if you want a recovery to be sustainable that helps you maintain a sober life. An inpatient facility provides:


24-hour supervised care: People who are admitted to an inpatient facility receive 24/7 medical care by a team of ardent professionals especially trained for addiction related treatment procedures. If you or your loved one has a lingering history of addiction, only a comprehensive treatment process can help you reclaim your life. An effective detox program that includes a set of interventions is followed to manage intoxication and related withdrawal symptoms under the purview of detox specialists. Moreover, such detox programs are followed by medication and psychotherapies that help in managing the entire recovery process.

Distraction-free environment: Inpatient and residential treatment centers are free from any outside distractions that can trigger cravings. As a result, it is easier for a patient to focus completely on the recovery process without any diversion.

Motivation to recover: These inpatient treatment facilities also provide a window of opportunity to engage and interact with other patients through recovery and group sessions. Having round-the-clock support motivates a patient to withstand the challenges and focus on being sober. Moreover, they also receive psychotherapies that teach life skills to enhance their coping abilities in the outside world. Some treatment facilities also conduct motivational sessions through support groups.

What are The Factors to Consider While Choosing an Inpatient Facility?


The ultimate choice comes with perseverance. Therefore, it is important to ponder over some questions before you choose an inpatient rehab to achieve an addiction-free life. A one-size-fits-all approach never works for everybody as the needs, circumstances and the impact of addiction on mental and physical health of a person can vary greatly. You should be able to find an inpatient facility that suits your needs. Be ready with these questions as you gauge which inpatient facility is best for you:

  1. Does It Specialize in Treating Your Addiction?

It is important to deduce if the facility is equipped to treat your particular addiction. For example, if you are battling with an addiction to alcohol, you will prefer a facility that specializes in treating people affected by alcohol abuse, addiction or dependence rather than the one which specializes in general addiction related procedures. You might also like to enquire if that particular program also deals with dual diagnosis, as there might be a chance of developing co-occurring disorders.

  1. What are The Kinds of Available Treatments?

Most inpatient rehabilitation centers offer comprehensive treatment programs that provide pharmacological, psychological, and alternative interventions. Different types of curative procedures can be available, depending on the stature of the center. There might be group or individual therapies, accessibility to support groups, 24/7 medical services and family sessions with the addiction therapist, etc. However, an individual seeking the right treatment should prioritize his/her need and seek the help of someone in shortlisting the best treatment facility. It is also important to check beforehand if a treatment facility is equipped to provide customized treatment plans, holistic detox programs, and aftercare recovery plans.

  1. How are The Accommodations?

It is also important to assess the condition of accommodation at a facility before enrolling for a program because every patient would like to be comfortable in the new surroundings. Since you will be residing at the facility as long as your treatment requires, your surrounding should instill a positive attitude in you.

Lack of proper facilities in a rehab can hamper your road to recovery. Moreover, if you want to make a pleasant stay with all possible modern amenities and have access to computers and mobiles for undergoing your professional endeavors along with your treatment, a luxury inpatient rehab option can be a good choice. Such rehabs also offer an extensive array of additional services that aid treatment, like acupuncture, meditation center, equine therapy, golf course, and spa. Depending on your needs and financial potentialities, choose the rehab that can get you a comfortable stay during your course of treatment.

  1. Is The Location Feasible?

Sometimes, it might happen that the program you are looking for is available at a facility that is not close to your home. In that case, you may consider the pros and cons of similar programs available nearby. Staying at a local inpatient facility is usually more convenient than the one that requires considerable traveling or moving out of the state for treatment.

  1. What is the Cost and Do You Have The Required Insurance Cover?

The cost of an inpatient rehab center can vary depending on the program you choose and the facility you will be enrolling in. The costs will depend on the type of treatment, amenities provided by the center, and the length of the program. Generally, a patient has to pay for the food, room, and other miscellaneous expenses in addition to the treatment itself.

Individual insurance plans also differ in terms of coverage available for specific rehab programs. Some of the costs may be covered by the insurance policy; however, it is advisable to consult both the rehab and the insurer to get more details on which portions can be reimbursed.

  1. Will The Facility Maintain Confidentiality?

An inpatient alcohol and drug rehab center is required by law to maintain the confidentiality of the patients’ treatment details. They need to have a privacy policy in place. Since yours is a medical treatment, so it is you, your doctors and the people directly involved in the procedure have the right to know about it. No inpatient rehab center has the right to divulge any details about a patient to the outside world.

Seek Help in Finding The Best Residential Treatment Center

20535370_xxlSometimes a little help can work wonders. Reclaiming your life from the clutches of addiction needs extreme courage and perseverance. If you have decided to take the road to recovery, we, at Recover Mental Health, can help you deduce the best treatment options that suit your needs. Our qualified representatives are here to answer all your queries related to your addiction and treatment plans. We are here to connect you to the best residential treatment centers that have curative programs blended to suit your needs.

Call us at (866) 593-2339 for more information and assistance. We understand that searching for the right rehab requires both time and patience. That is why we are here to help you ease your burden and find the most reliable program that can assist you in becoming sober again.

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