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Rehab for Teens

Finding the best and most appropriate treatment for a teen’s addiction would give anybody sleepless nights.From the time parents come to know that their child has become a substance abuser, their lives become nothing less than a roller coaster ride. They might be wondering what treatment would serve the best for their teen, or if there is a need for a specialized recovery program that can help him break free from the chains of addiction.


Searching for the right treatment for your child is extremely important, especially during the teenage years, and needs particular attention for regaining back the original cheerful self. A teenage recovery facility can be the best place for a teen to come out of the vicious circle of addiction and tread the path of long-term sobriety.

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What happens in a teen rehab center?

rehab-for-TeensAn effective teen rehab center offers an intensive treatment program that is customized to the needs of the teens, the type of drug abused and the severity of addiction. A holistic teen rehab program not only treats the addiction, but also the whole individual, both mentally and psychologically so that he can adapt to the changing circumstances outside the rehab.

The types of care that is an integral part of a prominent teenage recovery facility are:

  • Outpatient rehab – An outpatient rehab lets a teen stay at home and attend school while undertaking the addiction treatment program. The teenagers have the liberty to stay with their family but has to visit the facility whenever the consultation sessions with the doctor are fixed.
  • Inpatient treatment – An inpatient treatment program provides intensive care and monitoring to the teen and he has to check in to the facility to avail the treatments. However, many inpatient treatment programs also allow the teen to resume his school provided his addiction habits are under control.
  • Sober living – Sober residences provide a supportive environment where teens can continue receiving supervision while getting some flexibility. They are also held accountable to maintaining certain disciplines while getting the freedom to attend school and meet family members. It is like a built-in support environment where the teens can live a life with recovering peers.
  • Aftercare – Aftercare is all about getting continued care and support post-rehab. It helps to reinforce healthy lifestyles and also helps in overcoming the challenges faced in the outside world.


What are the teen treatment options?

The teen treatment program will largely depend on therapies. However, once a teen arrives in a rehab center, he will be carefully assessed by a team of specialists who will decide if detox is necessary or not, based on the severity of the condition. Detox is generally prescribed for teens who are extremely dependent on drugs and can’t do without them.


The entire process is undertaken under careful supervision. Sometimes, medicines are also prescribed during detox to ease the withdrawal symptoms and support the psychotherapies.

After detox, behavioral therapies are administered to the teens. An intensive behavioral therapy helps in addressing the psychological issues that lead to drinking or drug use. Such a therapy is not only helpful for the teens but also for their families. Teens learn certain life skills to cope with cravings and challenging situations that can trigger a relapse. Families, on the other hand, can understand better, the situation that their child is undergoing. Such therapies help in establishing a supporting environment among the family members that keep them closer and build up an honest flow of communication.

Some of the behavioral therapies that are undertaken in a teenage recovery facility are:

Motivational Interviewing: Motivational interviewing helps a teen to understand the need for change. This therapy is non-confrontational and helps the teen to understand that a life without substance abuse is better and worth living. Such a realization builds motivation in a teen to come out of substance abuse and change for the good.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Since substance abuse is a learned behavior, changing the perception of the teen helps in getting a new and better perspective of abuse and addiction. This type of counseling reinforces the idea of having a substance-free life. Under the influence of the therapists, a teen can recognize his drug-seeking behaviors and thoughts and correct them by learning a set of life skills.

Contingency Management: A teenager is given real rewards for participating in addiction recovery and abstaining from drugs. This treatment is all about encouraging positive and healthy behavior sans the substances. Certain incentives or reward vouchers are given to the teen if he meets a specific behavioral goal. Accordingly, the levels are also increased, with certain privileges attached to them. As a teen makes progress, he is moved a level upward and rewarded for his dedication to attain sobriety.

Family Counseling: Family-based therapies are a powerful medium of change as the inclusion of a family member increases the confidence of a teen to attain an addiction-free life. Moreover, family counseling sessions also help the parents understand their addicted teen in a better manner. A healthy environment back home is of utmost necessity post rehab to maintain the recently attained sobriety. Moreover, parental support can work wonders in decreasing the urge to indulge again in substances.

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What to expect in a teen rehab facility?

When a teen enrolls into a rehabilitation program, the doctors in charge will be quick to undertake certain necessary measures before starting the formal treatment. Some of the important steps are:

  • A thorough registration process that includes information about the history of drug abuse.
  • Face-to-face meetings with concerned officials of the facility to understand the patient’s rehab needs and any signs of destructive behavior or potential for self-harm.
  • Orienting the teen with the rehab’s rules and restrictions and mode of living.

Once the registration and intake process is completed, the following process is generally followed:

  • Evaluating the severity of the drug abuse through a series of tests and one-on-one meetings.
  • Analyzing if the teen is suffering from an underlying mental disorder since teenagers are prone to suffer from mood disorders, anxiety, depression, ADHD etc.
  • Preparing a treatment plan depending on the results of evaluation that will best serve the teen during the course of recovery.
  • Start of the actual treatment along with detox (if needed), medications, psychotherapies, and aftercare.


Finding the right teen rehab facility

One of the most vulnerable phases of an individual’s life is the teenage period. This is the period when the urge to try new things is at its peak. Copying someone elder, or someone who is funny, cool and adventurous becomes a lifestyle phase for teens. They are extremely influenced by peer pressure and generally tend to imitate their friends. Such a behavioral trend generally makes them prone to addiction.

Giving them the most appropriate treatment for addiction is of utmost importance. Not only the addiction habits, but also the change in lifestyle, psychological dependences and the thoughts towards life should be managed in a teen rehab. A comprehensive teenage drug and alcohol treatment program understands the contingencies of addictions and accordingly provides remedial actions that lead to sobriety.

Since each teen is different, his choice of drug and the severity of the addiction might also greatly vary from the others’. Some of them might need extra therapies, while others might need access to a sober living post rehab. Only a customized teen recovery program can ensure to tackle the ardent needs accordingly.

We, at Recover Mental Health, understand the importance of a teen-specific rehab center. If you are a teen who needs urgent treatment for your addiction habits, contact us to enroll into one of the finest de-addiction programs now. If you are a parent and seeking workable recovery options for your child, we can help you find the most effective treatment programs in your area. All you need to do is chat online or call at 866-593-2339 to speak to our treatment advisors.

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