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Rehab for Men

It is often considered manly to abuse a substance, so men are usually more prone to addiction than the fair sex. However, they have their own set of challenges and problems that might also trigger addiction in them. The societal pressure of being a loving husband, a perfect son, a doting father, a strong brother, a hardworking employee, a best friend can all make his life even more challenging.

Rehabs have tried to provide gender-friendly treatment programs, understanding that the nuances of addiction and its effect on both men and women can be starkly different.

Coping with the norm of being masculine, not showing emotions and being firm even in gruesome situations can be hard-hitting. What a man needs is a window for some peace and a place where he could be himself while trying to recover from his addiction.

Today, rehabs have tried to provide gender-friendly treatment programs, understanding that the nuances of addiction and its effect on both men and women can be starkly different. Even studies have shown that men are more prone to substance abuse in comparison to women. The benefits of having separate recovery programs help in treating the complex needs without any gender biased distractions.

A specialized rehab facility for men, for example, can help them considerably in the recovery process. They do not have to feel any discomfort of staying with the opposite sex. Such rehabs for men not only help to break the chains of addiction but also help them start conversations with the fellow inmates of the same sex and build long-term and enriching relationships.

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Why choose a specialized rehab for men?

specialized-rehab-for-menA men-only rehab can have significant advantages in achieving sobriety. The societal pressure imposed on men can be difficult to handle sometimes, pushing them to do drugs or indulge in drinking to get away from such stereotypes. Manhood is defined by strength and being a victim of something like addiction does not show any respite to societal obligations. A specialized rehab for men helps to build the strength to undergo the entire phase of treatment, rather than pulling out midway or not initiating treatment at all. Some of the advantages of a drug rehab exclusively for men are:

A men-only rehab can nurture a motivated environment where the male patient can have a willingness to get fully involved in the therapeutic process.

A relaxed treatment environment: The rehab environment plays a very important role in ensuring a positive response from a patient to the recovery process. A patient can be comfortable only when the surrounding brings about positivity in him. A men-only rehab can nurture a positive environment where the male patient can have a willingness to get fully involved in the therapeutic process. Men might not be comfortable to undergo treatment amidst female inmates. A male-only environment, however, can help in reducing any apprehensions and build a bond of trust among each other due to same sex attendance.

Men-to-men sharing: It is said that men-to-men bonding is absolutely unique and plays an important role in reducing stress levels. Men generally have a shared perspective on many aspects of life including, addiction, treatment and attaining sobriety. Sharing mutual experiences about their life of addiction and recovery will help them build motivation to change for the better. In fact, different studies have claimed that male bonding is likely to ease stress, anxiety and give a feeling of strength and courage to keep up with life’s challenges.

No biases and non-judgmental: A man may feel uncomfortable in a rehab due to the presence of the opposite gender, especially when he is seeking treatment for addiction. He might not be comfortable sharing his experiences with women and would prefer to confide in fellow male inmates. In a men-only rehab, they feel safe that other people won’t be biased or judge them due to addiction habits.

Less focus on gender issues: Since a men-only rehab has no females, there is no need to discuss the issues that women face during rehabilitation. The sessions can be entire male-focused that deals in specific issues related to addiction triggers, prevalent social pressures, nature of treatments and attaining long-term sobriety.

Sport facilities in luxury rehabs: Luxury rehab facilities offer specialized themes during the rehab process. They offer several sports facilities for men, like basketball, tennis, golf, snooker, chess, etc. Gym facilities are also available in many luxury rehab facilities. Such activities help in gaining a peace of mind as well as enhance bonding with other inmates.

By choosing a men-only rehab, one can see other male patients undergoing treatment and learn from their experiences. The inmates can engage in fruitful conversations without any apprehension that helps in developing a positive outlook towards life and the urge to back to normalcy.

What kind of treatment options are available?

Inpatient and outpatient treatment options are available for men who seek specialized care in a men-only rehab. While they start looking at treatment programs, they need to decide which one will help them recover from their battle with addiction.

Inpatient treatment programs are good for those men who are chronic users of alcohol or drugs. If they are habituated to drinking and/or drug abuse, they should enroll themselves into an intensive program that is under constant supervision and care. The inpatient treatment requires a patient to check in to the rehab and undertake a rigorous treatment procedure monitored by specialized doctors and nurses. However, this program is extremely beneficial for those men who are addicts and have higher chances of relapse.

Outpatient treatment, on the other hand, gives the liberty to be at home and attend work while undergoing the addiction treatment. Men are generally bound by both personal and professional obligations. So, for such people, outpatient treatment works best. However, those who are chronic addicts should rather seek an inpatient treatment for avoiding relapse and ensuring long-term sobriety.

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What are the factors to decide on a men-only treatment program?

Before deciding about a men-only treatment program, certain factors should be considered, like:

  • Type of curative interventions: Before enrolling into a men-specific program, one should check if the treatment includes a comprehensive evaluation process, intensive detox, psychotherapies and aftercare plans. Only if it provides a holistic men-friendly treatment should one consider it.
  • Location: One of the biggest questions that a patient faces is: should the treatment center be located near home or away from it? Travelling will be beneficial if there are potential triggers that can aggravate cravings surrounding a patient. Staying away will help in focusing completely on the treatment. However, if one feels that staying close to home will boost moral support and he is capable of facing the triggers, he can choose a rehab near to his dwelling place.
  • Duration: One should decide what duration of the program will suit the best for a long-term recovery. Will a longer term, say 60-day programs, 90-day programs or more will help him or a short-term option of 30-day programs is manageable?
  • Cost: If you are not able to pay the full treatment costs for the men-specific rehab, then there are many insurance options that at least pay partially for the treatment. You can also speak to the treatment center if you do not have insurance to explore other financing options.


A sober life with a little help

A-sober-life-with-a-little-helpAddiction can affect people of all gender in all walks of life. Women can be equally addicted to substances as men. However, men-friendly rehabs try to address those challenges that are specific to a men’s life. They must learn to overcome those problems that are unique only to the male gender. A men-only rehab can help them find their own space among same sex patients and help them renew their life, free from addiction.

We, at Recover Mental Health, understand that the expectations from a man are way too high. In a bid to fulfill the ever-increasing anticipations, they start indulging in alcohol and drugs as a mode of getting away from such pressures. Our representatives here, are ready to listen to your queries and advise you the best possible rehab for men.

If you or your loved one is in need for more information about rehab for men, please call us at 866-593-2339 for assistance. You can also chat with our advisors online. They will help you connect to the best men-only rehabs for undertaking your addiction treatment. All you have to do is break free from inhibitions and call us, because the first step has to be yours and we will take it from there.

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