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Panic Disorder Treatment

When fear drives a person crazy; when even the most trivial things seem to startle him/her; or when the sight of undesirable things triggers palpitations, the chances are that the person might be a victim of panic disorder, a kind of anxiety disorder.

Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder that triggers sudden and out-of-the-blue panic attacks without any reason or warning.

The disorder further triggers out-of-the-blue panic attacks that might occur without a clear reason or warning. In fact, a sleeping state is also not devoid of such attacks.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, about 6 million people in the United States suffer from panic disorder in a given year. It generally develops in early adulthood, with women being more prone to it. However, many people undermine its occurrence and do not opt for treatment. It is important to know and realize that panic disorder is a real mental disorder that needs immediate treatment.

If you or your loved one is suffering from panic disorder, don’t hesitate to consult a medical expert. Mental health specialists at the Recover Mental Health can help you find one of the most reliable panic disorder treatment centers. All you have to do is call our 24/7 helpline at (866) 593-2339 or chat online for more information.

Abstaining from a treatment program will only aggravate the symptoms and make matters worse.

Symptoms of panic disorder

In its severe form, a panic attack might reach its peak in a matter of few seconds and last for about 10 minutes. Some of the most obvious symptoms are:

One of the prime symptoms of panic disorder is the persistent fear of a recurrent attack.
  • feeling of intense fear or worry
  • breathlessness
  • health palpitations or accelerated heart rate
  • chest pain
  • feelings of choking
  • trembling
  • fear of “going crazy” or dying
  • restlessness

In fact, one of the prime symptoms of panic disorder is the persistent fear of a recurrent attack. At times, the symptoms of a panic disorder can resemble heart ailments, respiratory problems, thyroid, etc. So, it is extremely important for people to consult clinicians for appropriate diagnosis and proper panic disorder treatment. In fact, many people become a victim of wrong treatments due to confusing symptoms. Therefore, the possibility of a panic disorder should never be ruled out.

A proper diagnosis is the key to the right kind of treatment. If you or your loved one is displaying such symptoms, seek a proper prognosis of the problem from reliable specialists. The Recover Mental Health can connect you to the best specialists who can analyze your problem. Call (866) 593-2339 for more information.

Causes of panic disorder

causes-of-panic-disorderThe precise cause of a panic disorder is still not known. However, a combination of physical and psychological factors can triggered its occurrence. Some of the possible causes of panic disorders are:

* Genetics: People who have a family history of such a disorder can inherit it. It might have been passed on from parents or some other close family members. The potential risks of the problem are still unknown.

* Traumatic experiences: Some traumatic experiences like a loved one’s demise or some untoward incident like sexual harassments, accidents, etc. may trigger its occurrence. The effect of such experiences can either be visible immediately or can occur years later.

* Brain abnormalities: Any imbalance in the chemicals prevalent in the brain can cause abnormalities and trigger mental health conditions like a panic disorder.

* Substance abuse: Too much indulgence in drugs or alcohol can create stressful situations that can contribute to the development of panic disorder.

Treating panic disorder

A panic disorder can be treated both by medications and psychotherapies. Other complementary techniques like relaxation techniques, exercise, meditation, etc. can also support the treatment.

* Psychotherapies: Psychotherapies are helpful for people suffering from panic disorder. Psychotherapy sessions can be administered in an individual or a group setting. Counseling sessions help a lot because after talking to the patient about potential triggers, the therapists can devise ways to overcome and deal with the disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or exposure therapy can help a patient confront their fears and learn coping mechanisms.

* Medications: Specialists may recommend medications to ease the symptoms of panic disorder. The most common medications usually prescribed are anti-anxiety medicines or antidepressants. However, they should be taken as prescribed and not beyond that. Medicines are most effective when they are combined with other treatments like psychotherapies.

* Alternative treatments: Exercise, meditation, yoga, etc. helps in relaxation. They help in strengthening the body’s relaxation abilities and in bringing positivity in life.

Finding the right treatment

Panic disorder treatment can be administered in either an inpatient treatment center or outpatient treatment center.

Panic disorder treatment can be administered in either an inpatient treatment center or an outpatient treatment center.


An inpatient treatment center is the best option for people whose symptoms of panic disorder are severe. They need to get admitted to a residential facility and receive round-the -clock care from specialized doctors under a controlled setting. Moreover, enrolling in an inpatient treatment center helps a doctor treat any kind of severe symptoms that a patient might exhibit.

However, people who are unable to enroll in a residential facility can always opt for an outpatient treatment center. Receiving treatment on an outpatient basis allows a patient to go back home after treatment. Patients who can manage their symptoms should opt for an outpatient program. But people who are suffering from a severe panic disorder should seek panic disorder treatment through an inpatient program.

Moreover, people who are looking for a luxurious experience while seeking treatment can always find a treatment of their choice in luxury rehab centers. Such panic disorder treatment centers have lush green lawns where a patient can enjoy a serene and calmer environment, provide rich gourmet meals as well as facilities such as gyms, spas etc. Professionals who are unable to leave their office work can opt for an executive rehab center that gives the liberty to use phones, laptops, internet, etc. to carry out work-related endeavors.

Treatment specialists at the Recover Mental Health can help you find the best panic disorder treatment centers suiting your needs and choices. To know more, chat online or call our 24/7 helpline at (866) 593-2339.

Treatment helps embrace healthy life

treatment-helps-embrace-healthy-lifePanic disorder is a real mental health problem. It can be so debilitating that you might feel distressed with every passing day. If you want to seek treatment to get rid of panic attacks, the Recover Mental Health is the right option for you. Panic disorder can be treated with the right kind of treatment. Our mental health specialists can offer you the most viable option for panic disorder treatment that can be customized according to your needs and the severity of the condition.

If you or your loved one is looking for one of the best panic disorder treatment centers, we can help find it for you. You may call us at our 24/7 helpline number 866-593-2339 or chat online to discuss the problems and possible treatment options for panic disorder. Let the treatment do the talking and drive your fear away.

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