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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

If you have a tendency to worry about everything under the sun without any apparent reason, then there is a chance that you are in the grip of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Due to the persisting and excessive anxiousness, the very ability to function normally gets hampered.

About 6.8 million American adults (3.1 percent) suffer from GAD in a year.

– Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Life becomes a worrisome hole with thoughts of dread and anxiety pouring like thunderous rain. A person with GAD can worry about anything – money, life, family, friends, work or any other random event.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) states that about 6.8 million American adults (3.1 percent) suffer from GAD in a year. It can affect anyone, irrespective of their age-groups, gender, class, or race. However, the time period when the risk of developing this disorder is maximum is between childhood and adulthood. Moreover, women are two times more likely than men to suffer from anxiety disorder.

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Symptoms of GAD

People suffering from GAD exhibit different symptoms that can be a combination of physical, emotional or behavioral symptoms, which can aggravate beyond measure, if left untreated. Some of the symptoms are:

  • inability to stop worrying
  • anxious about things that are hardly important
  • difficulty in concentration
  • inability to relax and excessive feeling of restlessness
  • having trouble falling asleep
  • headaches and nausea
  • sweating and trembling
  • distressing about making a decision
  • making weird assumptions due to inability to tolerate uncertainty
  • feeling tension all the time
  • muscle tension and body aches

One of the major symptoms of GAD is to worry excessively without any apparent reason. People make assumptions on what can happen in the future and may suffer from an intense anxiety feeling thinking about family, friends, work and life.

GAD and children

The symptoms of GAD in children might differ from the symptoms in adults. Apart from the symptoms listed above, children can worry excessively about fulfilling schools’ and teachers’ expectations, get anxious about individual performances in academics and sports, being punctual regarding submitting assignments or reaching school on time.

The irony with children is that they don’t seem to understand that something might be wrong with them.

– Recover Mental Health

The irony with children is that they don’t seem to understand that something might be wrong with them. They feel that worrying about things are part and parcel of life. As a result, parents, teachers and school authorities should be vigilant so that any irregular behavior of a child could be handled immediately and cautiously.

Some of the other symptoms that a child might show are:

  • feeling extremely anxious to fit in peer groups
  • lacking confidence
  • re-doing homework, dreading that the teacher might not be happy
  • spending excessive time in doing homeworks
  • looking anxious all the time, both at home and school, even amid friends


If you or your child is showing such symptoms, seek medical assistance immediately. Our specialists can help you find the best GAD treatment centers for customized GAD treatment. For details, call (866) 593-2339.

Treating GAD

GAD is treatable with the right kind of treatment approach. The most effective GAD treatment is a holistic intervention that involves both pharmacological and psychological treatment approaches.

The most effective GAD treatment is a holistic intervention that involves both pharmacological and psychological approaches.

– Recover Mental Health

  • Psychotherapy: Therapists who administer psychotherapies to GAD patients, try to lessen the anxiousness. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), for example, is effective in recognizing and changing the thought processes that trigger worries and anxieties. It helps cope with distorted thoughts pertaining to worries and alter the thinking patterns. These therapies can be given either in an individual setting or a group setting.  Moreover, understanding the stressors in the patients’ life and helping them handle such stressors is an important component of psychotherapies. Helping them unwind and teaching them the process of relaxing in any situation can help a patient handle a situation.
  • Medicines: Medicines work best when they are used along with psychotherapies. Medicines help an individual relax by increasing his concentration and patience levels. Anti-anxiety medicines, along with antidepressants, are prescribed to the patient, depending on their condition. The patients, however, should never use more than the prescribed dosage to avoid any addiction to such drugs.
  • Alternative treatments: Learning relaxation techniques helps a patient with GAD. Such techniques are usually used at reputed generalized anxiety disorder treatment centers. Education about simple relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and simple muscle exercises, can help a patient relax and maintain composure. Exercise, meditation, yoga, equine therapy, etc., also help a person overcome GAD.

Apart from these treatments, the patients try to maintain a structured lifestyle that can hasten the recovery process. Certain lifestyle habits can be adopted, like regular exercise, proper dietary intake, avoiding too much caffeine and excessive junk foods. Talking about any kind of worries with a trusted friend or a family member also helps. Little things and changes in life can help a person recover better and remain healthy.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment Centers

Finding-social-anxiety-disorder-treatment-centersGeneralized Anxiety Disorder Treatment can be administered at an inpatient treatment center or an outpatient treatment center. An inpatient treatment center keeps a patient in a medically controlled setting and provides care 24/7. For an individual suffering from a severe form of GAD, an inpatient treatment center is the most viable option since experts monitor the condition regularly to understand the treatment response. In fact, an inpatient program is effective for anyone suffering from GAD.

People who are unable to take leave from work or cannot be away from personal responsibilities can always opt for an outpatient treatment center. After getting the treatment,  the patient  can go back home; however, he should follow the strict regimen of the treatment plan offered to them by their therapists, without fail, to reap the results.

There are several generalized anxiety disorder treatment centers that offer luxury residential facilities to patients. They can enjoy a five-star experience like gourmet meals, fully-equipped fitness studios, spas, a serene environment with unparalleled exclusivity. Moreover, there are GAD treatment centers that are exclusively for executives who have ab=n indispensable commitment towards work. Such an executive rehab center provides a near unrestricted access to work-related commitments allowing the use of mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. One can carry out one’s professional responsibilities while seeking treatment.

Finding best GAD treatment centers

Generalized-Anxiety-Disorder-Treatment-CentersWhen a person is suffering from GAD, his otherwise normal life can transform into a problematic one. People with GAD dread their lives due to incessant worries about even the most trivial issues. With such problems becoming common, we, at the Recover Mental Health understand that trying to find reliable generalized anxiety disorder treatment centers all by yourself is a humongous task. So, our representatives can help you find the most apt GAD treatment that can pull you out from your miseries and churn out a new you.

If you or your loved one is trying to find an effective generalized anxiety disorder treatment, then our representatives will help you choose the best. You may call at our 24/7helpline number 866-593-2339 or chat online with us for all your problems and solutions relating to GAD. Remember, a little help can only do wonders to your life.

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