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Alcoholism is a snare from where it is difficult to flee. It shuns the emotional, physical, and mental somberness of an individual, living him in a state of irrevocable obscurity. One key symptom of alcoholism is that one needs a drink for every mood and occasion – to celebrate an event, to calm down the aggressiveness, to deal with some kind of a disappointment, to hide the fears, and so on.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) 2014 reports that more than half of the Americans aged 12 or older report being current drinkers of alcohol. In addition to this, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that alcohol use causes 88,000 deaths a year.

With such alarming numbers, it is important for people to know where to draw the line and seek immediate treatment for alcohol abuse or dependence. Excessive use of alcohol can increase a person’s risk of developing serious health problems, including brain and liver damage, heart disease, hypertension, fetal damage in pregnant women and even aggravate mental health problems. So, if you are unconditionally inclined to drinking, you need to seek a proper treatment to get sober. Alcohol rehab centers can help one get the necessary treatments that can help you shred your habit to alcohol.

Alcohol rehab centers offer outpatient treatment programs as well as inpatient treatment programs. Outpatient treatment programs are helpful for those who have developed an alcohol problem, however, there is some amount of self-control left. Inpatient treatment programs, on the other hand, are effective for those people who are dependent on alcohol and are not able to move away from the urge of consuming it.

If you or your loved one is unable to refrain from consuming alcohol, please seek immediate medical help. Our qualified representatives can help you connect to the best alcohol rehab center in your area. Just call our 24/7 helpline at 866-593-2339 to know more about alcoholism and its related treatments.

Objectives of an alcohol rehab

Alcohol rehabs strive to make a better future for an individual suffering from the pangs of addiction. Some of the most pertinent objectives of an alcohol rehab are:

  • Offer a ray of hope to individuals struggling with addiction
  • Support a person to win over his/her physical and psychological dependence
  • Improve the physical, mental and emotional condition of the patient
  • Diagnose and treating any underlying mental illness or co-occurring disorders
  • Instill a feeling of change to live a productive life.

Alcohol rehab centers help an individual to overcome his drinking habit by undertaking various process of treatments like detox, psychological therapies, medication, and aftercare plans. A rehab program is termed to be successful if it can instill in a patient the long-term soberness of leading an alcohol-free life. Individuals who complete their entire alcohol rehabilitation program typically get a more successful recovery experience than the ones who do apply the necessary aspects of a treatment program to get sober.

Treatment essentials

treatment-essentialsThe treatments can be customized in accordance with a person’s needs. Once one enrolls into a treatment program, the first step is an extensive diagnosis of the problem through a proper medical check-up. It is expected that a person seeking treatment should be open to saying everything that might be helpful during the treatment procedure. The concerned specialists will incorporate the same while devising the addiction treatment program for the individual.

The next step is detox that will flush out all the harmful toxins that have accumulated in the body of the individual due to prolonged abuse of alcohol. Detox might be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms that might be painful for the patient. Detox should always be done amidst qualified specialists so that they are able to manage any health abnormalities during the process. It should never be done alone and without the guidance of an expert. Medications are also generally used to help an individual cope up with the withdrawal symptoms that occur during the procedure. Detox is only the first level of treatment, what follows is an extensive set of therapies, coupled with medication.

Once a patient enrolls into a treatment program, the first step is an extensive diagnosis of the problem through a proper medical check-up.

Cognitive behavioral therapies, individual counseling sessions, group, and family therapies are a part of extensive alcohol addiction treatment. It is said that group sessions are the most beneficial type of treatment procedures that help a person get motivation by hearing and listening to others predicaments and their journey towards recovery. Even the patient gets a chance to share his state of life and learn from experiences.

The length of treatment can vary from 30, 60, or 90 days, and sometimes even longer, depending on the individual’s bodily and mental requirements. Usually, 30 days is the minimum length of treatment that a patient has to undergo. One-day treatment sessions are of hardly any use, because getting treatment for alcohol needs time and patience. Though longer stays are generally recommended for people battling with extreme alcohol use, they are also effective for people who want an in-depth treatment to get sober and not indulge in any form of alcoholic activity in the future.

Alcohol rehab centers always maintain privacy about its patients. Since most of the people would like to keep such matters private, a good alcohol rehab goes an extra mile to maintain the anonymity. Choosing between different alcohol rehab centers can be a tricky choice. So, it is always better to prioritize your preferences, depending on your needs, type of facility, cost, insurance options, and allied considerations.

If you are caught between streamlining the best alcohol rehab center for yourself or your loved one, we can provide you the most reliable options suiting your needs. Call us at 866-593-2339 to speak to one of our qualified representatives.

How Effective are Alcohol Addiction Treatments?

alcohol-addiction-treatmentAlcohol addiction treatments are extremely effective. However, there should also be a strong urge from the patient himself to remain sober. Only then a treatment can herald its true facets. Moreover, individuals must have a dedication to stay in treatment and recover for good. An alcohol addiction treatment program increases the chance of achieving sobriety in the long term, but recovering addicts should also make an effort to maintain the same. A strong support system from family and friends increases the motivation to refrain from alcohol.

A good alcohol rehab will always chart out a proper aftercare plan for a patient. After all, a continued care can always strengthen the recovery process. This might contain living in sober homes, time-to-time counseling sessions, access to support groups, consultation with a therapist, access to life skill workshops, self-follow-up of general life skills, maintaining a day-to-day routine.

A good alcohol rehab will always chart out a proper aftercare plan for a patient.

Alcohol support groups like Alcohol Anonymous can provide a window of opportunity for recovering addicts to join their sessions and stay sober. Getting access to such support groups helps in meeting new people who have also suffered from the same and have received the required treatments. Learning from the experiences of fellow people increases the determination to not fall back into the same pit again.

As the proverb goes “better late than never”, one should always seek treatment rather than fidgeting about whether to go in for a recovery procedure or not. A healthy life is a productive life and a reliable alcohol addiction treatment program can help a patient to become self-productive by refraining the use of alcohol in life.

A Little Help Can Be a Good Choice

litle-helpTaking a little help sometimes is a good idea. Though it is always a good choice to believe in oneself, a little assistance can work wonders at times to avail the best. Finding the best alcohol rehab centers can be a tiresome process, especially when one is already caught amidst the gruesome nature of alcohol controlling the body and the mental trauma that comes with it. Accepting the fact that one needs treatment is an achievement in itself. Though it is good to do a little research, taking help to find the best curative interventions from someone who knows about it can be beneficial.

We, at Recover Mental Health, can guide you select the workable treatment programs that help you battle your inclination towards addiction and find a newer you. Please call us at 866-593-2339 to know more about the alcohol rehabilitation process and necessary recovery options. After all, a small step from you and a little assistance from us can change strides for the better.

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