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Alcohol and Drug Detox Centers

Whether you drink a substance, sniff, smoke, or inject it, chances are that all these actions lead to its addiction. Addiction in any form can be a blight, virtually affecting every bit of a person’s life without mercy.

However, there is a saying: “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” And that is what will help you to get rid of your addiction – the moment you decide to get sober.

Alcohol and drug detox centers are an answer to purge your addiction. Detoxification is the first stage of an addiction treatment that helps in flushing out all the harmful toxins accumulated in the body due to a prolonged use of drugs or alcohol or both. Seasoned medical specialists available at alcohol and drug detox centers are equipped to handle the painful withdrawal symptoms that occur on abstinence from substances.

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Why is detox important?

shutterstock_11084989Due to the persistent consumption of a substance, a person becomes habituated to it, which gradually becomes the sole driver of life. The mind and the body start craving for it at all times, making it difficult to cope with their absence. Detox, in turn, helps an individual to overcome the drugs and alcohol cravings. An addiction treatment cannot be successful without an intensive detoxification process. It removes all the harmful toxins from the body and makes the body ready for further assisted treatments. However, a detox process should always be carried out at a reliable detox center because severe withdrawal symptoms can accompany it.

Dedicated teams of professionals are needed to manage the withdrawal symptoms effectively. Depending on the severity of alcohol and drug use, symptoms can appear just a few hours after the dose or drink, but can last for as long as a week or even more. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that occur are:

  • Anxiety
  • Increased heart rate
  • Agitation
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Loss of appetite

What is the process of detoxification?

Drug and alcohol detox centers are extremely beneficial for a person who wants to become sober. Detox generally includes the process of diagnosis, abstinence from drugs and building up the body for further treatment. It basically includes the following process:

Diagnosis and assessment: A proper diagnosis of the person is done to understand the severity of the condition. Some tests are also conducted on the bloodstream to measure the amount of toxins that have accumulated from the prolonged consumption of substances. Moreover, certain evaluation processes are carried out to identify any other underlying mental disorder.

Abstinence and stabilization: Round-the-clock care and monitoring at such detox rehabs take care of the threats of withdrawal symptoms as the body craves for the addicted substance that is gently reduced to none. This involves both physical and mental treatments that assist the patient to pass the intoxication and withdrawal phase to get completely addiction-free.

Entry to comprehensive treatment: Since detox is the first phase of starting the treatment process, it renders a substance-free body that is needed for further treatment of psychotherapies and medication.

If you want to know more about the detoxification, please call us at (866) 593-2339 for more information and assistance. Our de-addiction experts can answer to all your queries related to detoxification and rehabilitation.

Types of detox centers

10417771_xxlDepending on the nature of treatment, detox centers can be broadly divided into two types: outpatient and inpatient. An outpatient detox center helps a patient to undergo detoxification without staying at the facility. It gives the freedom of movement to work and stay at home while visiting the facility for treatment. However, an outpatient detox center is best for people who have some control on their addiction, without being lured every time due to the triggers in the outside environment. A patient, however, needs to regularly see his/her therapists according to the scheduled routine of treatment.

An inpatient detox center, on the other hand, requires a patient to be admitted to the facility for the entire length of the program. It works wonders for people who are totally dependent on alcohol and drugs and are not able to leave it, even after knowing how harmful they can be for the mental and physical health. The treatment starts with the detox process where a patient is gradually given lower doses of the substance he/she is addicted to until its use stops entirely. The patients are kept under 24/7 supervision and care, and experts are always around to treat any adverse withdrawal symptoms that might befall during the detox process.

One of the biggest advantages of inpatient detox center is that a patient can mingle and converse with fellow inmates who are also undergoing treatment for certain addiction. There are group sessions, which involve sharing individual experiences that can enhance motivation to change among other fellow patients. Medicines and other therapies are also given to a patient during his stay in the inpatient detox center.

How to choose a detox facility?

There are myriad options for detox facilities, but the most challenging part is to choose the right alcohol and drug detox center than can manage your withdrawal symptoms well and prepare the patient for a comprehensive medication and psychotherapy program. Before choosing a detox therapy one should consider the following factors:

Individualized treatment programs for each patient: Since different people seeking detox treatment are addicted to various substances with the severity of addiction differing at length, a one-size-fits-all approach is null and void in addiction-related treatment procedures. A reliable detox center is equipped to confer a customized detox program that depends on the type of substance and the level of its addiction in an individual. Moreover, there might be especially assisted programs that can also address the underlying issues in an addict.

Comfort measures adopted during detox: One of the criteria is to know if a detox facility provides a safe and private environment to undergo such a treatment procedure. A certified detox facility generally appoints best in class medical staff who are equipped to tackle vulnerable symptoms of withdrawal as well as any other underlying disorder that is diagnosed during the assessment process. Moreover, such detox centers administer latest pharmacological and psychological processes to treat detox symptoms.

Adopting comprehensive treatment program during and post detox: It is important to know if a detox facility uses a comprehensive treatment process during and post detoxification for an all-round development of the individual, rather than treating the substance addiction alone. Detox can be accompanied by medication, psychotherapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group and individual sessions, stress management techniques, mindfulness training and other alternative treatments.

Understand the importance of confidentiality: A reliable detox facility has a privacy policy of its own. It prevents the center’s staff from passing any information about the patient undergoing detoxification and related treatments to the outside world.

There are some other questions that should be pondered before choosing a facility:

  • What kind of amenities does the detox facility has and do they suit your needs?
  • How far is the treatment facility from your accommodation and/or work?
  • What is the length of the entire course of treatment?
  • Does the facility accept insurance?
  • Will you be allowed to meet your family and friends during the treatment?
  • Does the facility treat dual diagnosis?

Since there are several types of detox centers available, it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs and makes you comfortable during the treatment.

If you or your loved one is having a difficulty in deciding the best detox center for your treatment, please call us at (866) 593-2339 to get connected to the most reliable detox program that can aid you in your road to recovery.

A comprehensive detox program is now available

shutterstock_28605445Detox treatment at a pioneering facility is designed as per an individual’s needs. A drug and alcohol detox program is an indispensable step in the recovery process that provides a foundation to a holistic treatment program. Without proper detoxification, no addiction treatment can actually be successful. Every addiction treatment has to be preceded by a proper prognosis along with detox.

With already a difficult situation in hand, you might struggle to find the best detox program to enroll yourself in. Understanding your predicament, we at Recover Mental Health can help you find the best alcohol and drug rehab center in proximity to your dwelling place. Our qualified representatives are all ears for your queries and can help you understand the detox process that you need to undergo for a successful de-addiction treatment. With us, be rest assured that you are in safe hands. Just chat online or call us at (866) 593-2339 so that we can help you with your journey towards a sober life.

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