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Recover Mental Health is a resource center dedicated to providing information on everything mental health and substance abuse related. With over 21,000 listings in our directory, we provide quick and easy access to treatment centers across the United States and its territories as well as Canada. In addition to offering a compendium of treatment locations, Recover Mental Health is also a premium source of information in respect to the mental health and addiction fields, keeping our readers up to date on the latest research and approaches to treatment.

Our articles include news and announcements as well as blogs and articles on topics such as addiction and psychiatry, eating disorders, self-help and sober living. In addition to our free listing service for treatment providers, we also provide a section for events such as conferences, networking luncheons, workshops or seminars. Our overview and review system streamlines the search for a treatment center, providing insight into each particular location from a first-hand account.

Recover Mental Health’s goal is to not only help those with addictions or mental health disorders better understand themselves and seek help if necessary, but elevate the knowledge and awareness of mental and behavioral health disorders in general. Feel free to create an account if you would like to add an event or listing to our directory, or contact our 24/7 helpline today at 866-593-2339 if you would like to learn more.

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