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30-Day Addiction Rehab Program

The road to recovery has no timeframe; for some, it can be a matter of weeks, while for others it can be a lifelong journey. But it is better to start the process of recovery with an effective addiction rehab program that has the potential to change lives.

If you or your loved one is caught in the vicious cycle of addiction and is unable to quit drinking or drug abuse, you can consider the 30-day addiction rehab program.

If you or your loved one is caught in the vicious cycle of addiction and is unable to quit drinking or drug abuse, you can consider the 30-day addiction rehab program. This program will help you test the road to recovery and will instill a positive change within you. Once you are over with your 30-day addiction rehab program, you can either extend your stay in the inpatient facility or transition yourself to an outpatient facility.

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What is a 30-day Addiction Rehab Program?

A 30-day addiction rehab program involves stay at a rehab facility for one month to seek treatment. It is one of the most common recovery programs to help a person start his/her quest for a sober life. These programs usually include:

  • Intake evaluation or diagnosis: Generally, the intake program starts with the first call of a patient to the rehab center. He/she might have one-on-ones about the addiction history with a therapist. There might be certain diagnostic tests that will be prescribed to better understand the situation of the addictive patient.
  • Developing a customized treatment plan: The specialists overseeing the patient will make a treatment plan based on the severity of the addiction, its impact on his mental and physical health, the type of substance consumed and the amount in which it was consumed, etc.
  • Detoxification: Detox is the first step of an addiction treatment program. It helps in removing the harmful toxins from the body and addresses the withdrawal symptoms that occur due to the abstinence of the substance abused. Detox often involves use of medicines to ease the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Addiction treatment: Psychotherapies and pharmacological treatments are generally given after the detox is over. A patient has to undergo group and individual therapies, life skills training and addiction education. Aftercare plans are also a part of addiction treatment that underlines some basic principles to remain sober.


Who Can Enroll in a 30-day Addiction Rehab Program?

A 30-day addiction rehab program may seem short, but it surely initiates the recovery process for an addict. Despite its short duration, the treatment program may suit:

  • People who are not chronic addicts and can manage their situation.
  • Teens and students who need to attend school or have education commitments, and are not heavy users of drugs or alcohol.
  • People who have limited time and are preoccupied; for example, people who are too tied with family commitments and cannot spare long-term stays or professionals who cannot shield away from work due to their stringent schedules.
  • People in their maiden treatment can opt for a limited period treatment program.
  • Individuals who believe that a short stay will benefit their treatment process rather than other options.


Why Consider a 30-day Addiction Rehab?

A 30-day rehab program can be the stepping stone to the recovery process. People who are hesitant in seeking treatment or do not want to make a long-term commitment can opt for this program. It helps a person to understand the need for a cohesive intervention to treat addiction.

A 30-day rehab program can be the stepping stone to the recovery process.

The program will also help him overcome the hesitation and instill confidence to go for a long-term program if needed.

The 30-day rehab program includes detox that can help one get rid of the alcohol addiction. It removes the accumulated harmful toxins from the body. Though there might be withdrawal symptoms, the seasoned professionals at the reputed rehabs can handle problematic situations in a safe manner. Moreover, after the end of the one-month period, the treatment undertaken will help you decide the future course of action for being sober for the rest of your life.

Choosing the Best 30-day Rehab Program

shutterstock_142948861In order to choose the best 30-day addiction rehab program, one needs to consider several factors before making the final decision. The following points might help you in your decision to choose the best rehab program:

Interventions offered: It is important to assess if the rehab provides a wholesome treatment program comprising detox, medications, and psychotherapies. Moreover, one should also check if the 30-day program caters to an aftercare plan to help maintain being sober. One should also check if the 30-day program is equipped to diagnose and treat dual diagnosis.

Credentials of the medical staff: One of the main criteria for choosing a rehab is whether the treatment is ensured under the supervision of seasoned medical experts. They should have excellent credentials and must be well-equipped to manage even the harsh situations that might occur during the treatment process.

Good success rate: It is also important to cross-check if the addiction treatment facility is actually as good and successful as it claims to be. Most of the facilities clearly highlight the problems they have treated. This provides a window for a prospective patient to converse with the person who has already sought treatment in the facility.

Cost: The price of a 30-day program varies depending upon the facilities provided at the rehab. The facility should be able to give the specifics regarding the cost of the program based on the requirement of the patient and his financial resources. Insurance might also cover expenses, but that must be enquired with the concerned facility members and the insurance company.

If you want to find the best 30-day addiction rehab program, please call us at 866-593-2339 and our representatives can answer all your queries.

Finding the Best 30-day Rehab Program

37149246_xxlFinding an apt treatment program can be tedious for many. We, at Recover Mental Health, can assist you in finding the most suitable 30-day addiction rehab program that will help you in starting your journey to recovery. A 30-day treatment program will help you understand the effectiveness of an addiction treatment to bail you out of the fragile situation that you are in.

Please call our treatment specialists at 866-593-2339 who are willing to answer your questions related to treatment options for addiction. They can help you choose the best facility offering the 30-day addiction rehab program that you can enroll into. While doing so, they will make sure that they prioritize all your needs and connect you to the safest option possible for your recovery.

If the 30-day program helps you abstain from drugs or alcohol and manages to make you confident about the path of recovery you have opted, you can choose to stay back for a longer program to ensure a long-term sobriety in consultation with your treatment therapist. Remember that just one choice can make your life worth living and cherishing.

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