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180-Day Addiction Rehab Program

addiction-rehab-program1Getting sober is not an overnight process. It takes time to heal the wounds caused by addiction to an otherwise healthy mind and body. Years of abuse takes out the charm of life. Only a recovery program that allows ample time to heal is apt to attain sobriety in such a case.

Long-term rehab programs that are 180 days or longer substantially increase the chances of recovery for the struggling addicts. With the help of a rehab center that offers long-term programs, an individual can envisage a life without the dependency of alcohol or drugs. If you or your loved one is trying to enroll into a long-term program, contact us at 866-593-2339 for immediate assistance. The representatives of Recover Mental Health are trained to provide support considering your needs.

What is a 180-day addiction rehab program?

A 180-day addiction rehab program is a long-term rehab program that helps in treating chronic addiction to alcohol and drugs through an exhaustive and organized treatment procedure.

A 180-day addiction rehab is a long-term rehab program that helps in treating chronic addiction to alcohol and drugs through an exhaustive and organized treatment procedure. An individual who chooses a 180-day rehab program can significantly increase his chances of attaining a long-term sobriety by reducing drug cravings and opting for a healthy life. A 180-day program involves a proper prognosis, evaluation, detox, medicines, therapy and aftercare.

How is a 180-day program beneficial?

De-addiction experts have always believed that a long-term recovery program like the 180-day rehab program is beneficial for people to have a total transformation of life. Such programs increase the chances of success because the essentials for a sober living require time to mature. These values, skill sets, and lifestyle nurtured in a long-term rehab should be instilled in a patient so that the transition to a normal living is smooth and adaptable. Some of the reasons why a 180-day recovery program is beneficial are:

  • Programs that are long enough can help in resolving any underlying issues that might have occurred in coherence with the substance used. When a person enrolls in a treatment facility, he undergoes detox first. He needs to settle down in the full-time facility to undergo the actual treatment of medicines and therapy. It is only a long-term program that gives the time for such an intensive treatment. Since time is limited in a short-term program, an extensive treatment may not be possible so ensuring a lasting result of sobriety is difficult.
  • 180-day addiction programs are helpful in breaking the chains of dependence on a drug or alcohol. Since the treatment takes place in a controlled environment for extended periods, devoid of any outside influences or distraction, the patient can be focused on the recovery techniques and not get diverted.
  • Long-term treatment programs can eliminate destructive habits that an individual had started displaying during his/her addiction days. These programs involving cognitive behavioral therapies, motivational interviewing, etc. help in understanding the underlying habitual problems and find ways to deal with them without leaving any chance of a relapse. Long-term programs are not only about being sober, but also about shaping the habits in a constructive manner.
  • Drug addiction not only takes a mental toll, but also affects the body considerably. These 180-day rehab programs offer an extended period of physical rest and care. Most of the prominent 180-day rehab programs also provide alternative treatments, like yoga, meditation, and exercise that help to renew a sense of well-being. Such sessions help to ease both the body and the mind, lessening the urge to indulge in substances.


If you want to know more about 180-day rehab programs, please call us on (866) 593-2339 for more information.

Who should choose a 180-day addiction rehab program?

The individuals who are struggling with severe drug and alcohol addiction should opt for a 180-day drug rehab program. An extended stay would ensure that people who have not been successful with short-term programs will get intensive care for shedding their addiction habits. Moreover, long-term recovery programs are essential for people who have been diagnosed with co-occurring disorders.

Why should one choose to undergo a 180-day rehab?

180-Day-Addiction-Rehab-ProgramThere are many patients who have not benefitted from the earlier programs, may be because of the time frame or there was something amiss in the quality of the program. In spite of the treatment being long, people prefer a 180-day program because an extended stay can bend their thinking towards non-prevalence of drugs in their mind and body and let them adjust to the situation.

A long-term rehab program can help a patient to adjust to the enforced sobriety. A sober lifestyle is something that a patient might not have experienced in months. A life free of drugs and alcohol may be a distant dream for many. A long-term facility tries to habituate them to a life devoid of any kind of addiction. Moreover, learning to fit back into a society as normal also needs a great deal of courage. The life skills taught as a part of the treatment program helps a patient in the transition to the outside world.

A major advantage of a long-term recovery program is that the recovering patient becomes a part of the community and learns to take responsibilities as a sober member of the society. The therapy sessions, group sessions, life skill workshops, access to support groups teach the nuances of being a productive individual again, at work, at home and in the society.

A 180-day program helps an individual to:

  • Get back to normal functioning after discarding the toxic elements that have accumulated due to prolonged addiction.
  • Reexamine his toxic relationship with drugs and alcohol and get in the process of being sober.
  • Understand the causal factors of substance abuse and manage cravings and all the factors that have led to his addiction.
  • Develop a new self, devoid of any kind of addiction that is both physically and mentally healthier.
  • Create a new foundation of life post-treatment and have a healthy interaction with family, friends, colleagues and the outside world at large.


What are the components of a 180-day addiction rehab program?

Treatment programs are accurately structured so that it helps an individual to understand his addictive behavioral patterns and accordingly adapt to new behavioral patterns of living. Most of the treatment programs are composed of both medication and psychotherapy.

An effective 180-day program is tailored to a patient’s needs and has flexibility of updating, depending on the patient’s response to treatment. Some of the main components of a 180-day rehab program are:

  • Elaborative diagnosis and developing a customized treatment plan
  • 24-hour care and behavior monitoring
  • Detoxification and managing withdrawals
  • Multiple methods of treatment involving medications and psychotherapies
  • Designing the aftercare plan


Reforming to a non-addicted self

A long-term program also ensures that a proper aftercare plan is charted for supporting the treatment process. These plans highlight certain behavioral life skills that help in adapting to new situations and also successfully manage challenging circumstances.

Both body and mind of a patient require time to heal properly. Long-term recovery programs offer the best chance to stay sober. If you or your loved one is looking for a long-term treatment program that suits your needs, please contact us at Recover Mental Health. Our de-addiction advisors can assist you in getting the best long-term program that can be an answer to your problem. You can chat online or call us at 866-593-2339 for immediate assistance.

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