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Peaks Recovery Centers

Listed in Colorado

(719) 345-1025

2270 La Montana Way Suite 201 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918

Description: Triple Peaks Recovery and Serenity Peaks Recovery Centers are gender specific, extended care alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs for young adults, ages 18-30. Located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Peaks Recovery Centers integrate a variety of individual, group, and trauma therapies to treat both substance abuse issues and many co-occurring mental health issues. Our six-month PHP/IOP program followed by our three-month OP program setting, allows each individual within our program to incrementally move forward in their recovery. Our programs are favorably structured for young adults and specifically designed to promote long term recovery in an accountable, communal setting. Read more...

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Listed in Colorado

(720) 463-1758

2975 Valmont Rd 320 Boulder, Colorado 80301

Description: We provide cutting edge treatment for sex and porn addiction. We treat men, women and couples who are unhappy and dissatisfied with their life situation. At SACC we have thorough assessments and have a compassionate yet direct approach. SACC treats the partner using the best trauma treatment models. We offer individual, couples and group therapy as well as day retreats. If you think there is a sex addiction problem, please call quickly for a consultation. Our best, Your team at SACC Read more...

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Counseling Center at West Greeley

Listed in Colorado

(970) 549-2738

Counseling Center at West Greeley 7251 W 20th Street Building C Greeley, Colorado 80634

Description: We all face challenges in life. Life transitions such as death of a family member, divorce, moving into young adulthood or other circumstances that cause change can be difficult. Perhaps you’re feeling unable to cope with the demands of work and family. Sometimes we struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety. Friends or family can help, but when you need more than they can provide, we offer help in a discreet, comfortable and confidential setting. Read more...

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