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Grace’s Way Recovery

Listed in Florida


2200 N. Florida Mango Road Suite 201 West Palm Beach FL

Description: Grace’s Way, located in Palm Beach, Florida, is a treatment center that focuses on our commitment to helping our patients discover new sources of hope and strength, to reconnect with family, friends and community, and to continue their journey of recovery and finding purpose and passion in life. Our treatment programs effectively integrate psychological, medical, holistic and spiritual components designed to heal the mind, body and spirit. Our comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol treatment has allowed us to be a part of the journey of many patients who are continuing to enjoy a purpose-filled life in recovery. Read more...


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New Life Addiction Treatment Center

Listed in Florida

(855) 658-0035

1497 SW Martin Downs Blvd, Palm City, FL 34990, USA

Description: New Life Addiction Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol rehab center dedicated Located in Palm City, Florida (FL), with many of its patients coming from the South Florida area. Treatment programs include addition to inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, suboxone rehab, and dual diagnosis rehab among others. In addition to being New Life’s medical director, Dr. Jose Toledo M.D. is a neurologist with extensive experience treating addiction and substance abuse as well as experience in clinical psychiatry. His private practice specializes in neurodiagnosis and drug addiction. Dr. Toledo and his staff ensure you will receive effective, compassionate care as well… Read more...

When seeking out an alcohol rehab center for an alcoholic or heavy drinker, the first consideration will be how strong the dependence is. For instance, is this a person who is just beginning to come to terms with their alcoholism? Or perhaps the individual instead has been in alcohol rehab before and as a result attempting new methods to stay on track of addictions. One main focus will be finding new means of being able to successfully avoid alcohol consumption.

Treatment Options

Treatment will depend on a number of different individual factors. For instance, is this an underage drinker that has developed dependence before the legal drinking age? Some teenage rebellion could be a result of familial issues, such as a parent who is drinking alcohol. Of course, treatment will have greater odds of success if the family is able to be involved in the process. However, an alcoholic parent could be forced to face their own dependence in such cases as well.
This could mean that a new patient of young age is still more ready to choose a new path in development. However, those that have been alcoholics for many years could be less ready to stop drinking, even if serious health consequences are at stake. There is also the risk of alcohol poisoning, in which emergency treatment will be required. This can be followed by a detoxification period in one of many alcohol treatment centers available, after which the person will need to be aware of the underlying reasons for the behavior. During the detoxification period, the alcoholic could take medication that makes the person ill if they do attempt to drink alcohol. Alcohol detox centers are experienced in knowing how to assist those that are experience dependence and withdrawal symptoms.

However, if the person is able to commit to treatment, then other positive alternatives can follow. This could include group therapy with others as a means of staying sober. The person could also receive a sponsor to assist him or her in the journey to recovery. If a relapse does indeed occur, as is quite possible in serious cases, then further treatment will allow the patient better odds of success as new coping skills are learned. There are also faith based Christian alcohol rehab centers available to the public as well. There are also a wide variety of alcohol treatment programs. In a self help group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, the participant will refer to what is known as a higher power. There are alternative forms of recovery as well, such as SMART recovery. This will not make use of any religious teachings or personal beliefs, instead being based on science. In combination with holistic recovery options at alcohol treatment centers, the patient can have greater odds of succeeding overall.

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