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Time to curb steroid abuse among youth

Sports personalities often become the source of inspiration for many teens in their growing up years. They always yearn to get a body like these sportspersons. And in an attempt to do so, they often end up using steroids without understanding their harmful effects on them. Changes experienced during puberty also force many teens to use anabolic steroids to get that perfect shape hey had longed for, pushing themselves toward addiction and other adverse health effects.

According to a study conducted by Youth Risk and Behavior Surveillance System, an estimated 5 percent of high school students in the United States abused steroids. Among this population, there were 375,000 men and 125,000 women who fell prey to these perilous drugs.

Steroids, also known as anabolic steroids imitate the behavior of testosterone, the male sex hormone, and promote the multiplication of cells in muscles.

Understanding structure of steroids

Steroids are chemical substances created in labs and mimic the hormones present naturally in the body. The most common steroids are the synthetic imitates of testosterone that trigger sexual development and muscle expansion.

Often used to treat medical conditions, steroids are mostly found in illegal forms and are available as both pill and injections. Many young males experiment steroids merely to experience the drive, but addictive nature of steroids can be captivating.

Consistent consumption of steroids can activate muscle growth, a huge build, and augmented power and endurance. This may seem exciting to young males, but in reality, these positive images overshadow something that’s highly destructive drug practice.

If used for a long period, steroids can lead to noteworthy harms. Some of them are:

  • Elevated blood pressure (BP) or hypertension
  • Rise in bad cholesterol
  • Increased cardiac issues
  • Increased risk of liver diseases
  • Pancreatic and kidney problems
  • Acne and boils

Other side effects like growth in breast tissue, decrease in the size of testes and sperm count, and infertility, and an increased risk of prostate cancer can also be observed in males with continuous use of steroids.

When used by women, anabolic steroids can lead to hoarse voice, hair growth on face (gynecomastia), baldness, like in males, and changes in menstrual cycle and sex organs.

Signs of steroid abuse

There may be some warning signs in teens using steroids. These may include:

  • Increase in weight and muscle size
  • More time spent on work-out
  • Increased appetite
  • Increase in acne
  • Disinterest in academics and hobbies
  • Violence, bad temper and unfriendliness

When one tries to quit steroid abuse, various withdrawal symptoms may be experienced which may include:

  • Mood changes
  • Tiredness and insomnia
  • Lesser appetite
  • Impatience and twitching
  • Cravings for food
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Depression and hostility

Treatment for steroid abuse is possible

Steroid misuse and abuse can lead to a host of various medical problems, including addiction. Recovering from addiction can be a challenging road, especially for teenagers, who have made consistent usage a habit.

Detoxification or detox at drug treatment centers is the primary step in overcoming addiction to steroids. With prompt treatment and prevention actions, it is possible to check the drug abuse problem among people. Also, a teamwork of parents, school boards, treatment groups and well-wishers can contribute their bit in safeguarding the success of such programs.

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