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3 years on, most pharmacies in New York City not ready to sell naloxone sans prescription

April 18, 2018 Drug Rehab


3 years on, most pharmacies in New York City not ready to sell naloxone sans prescription In a bid to combat the growing opioid crisis, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray had announced in 2015 that people would be able to gain access to naloxone, the overdose-reversing drug, at chemist shops sans a prescription. However, according to a recent survey by The New York Times, out of the 720 pharmacies authorized to provide naloxone, only one-third of them were ready to sell the drug without a medical prescription. The pharmacies instructed to always keep naloxone handy are situated only at certain locations of the city. The list of such locations…

Is enough being done to help the youngest victims of the opioid crisis?

The horrors of the opioid epidemic are not restricted to adults. The lives of innumerable children whose parents suffer from addiction to prescription painkillers or other opioids are put in jeopardy. In December 2016, an infant perished from dehydration and starvation three or four days after her parents were found dead in their home in Johnstown, Pennsylvania from suspected drug overdose. For most of the hapless children, the inevitable consequence of parents’ addiction is being placed in foster care. The Johnstown incident is one among a growing number of cases where children, including infants, are becoming unwitting victims of their…

Mental illness and drug abuse common in pregnant women misusing opioids

Opioid use and misuse are a big health concern among the American population, including pregnant women who take prescription medicines during gestation period without consulting any certified medical practitioner. While these women continue to abuse painkillers notwithstanding their disastrous effects, a recent research revealed that pregnant women using opioids for non-medical reasons were at a higher risk of suffering from mental illnesses and co-occurring substance abuse problems. The study, titled “Nonmedical Use of Prescription Opioids among Pregnant U.S. Women,” by the School of Public Health suggested how non-medical use of opioids during gestation phase can result in harmful effects for…
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