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Cocaine users turning to smart devices to thwart fatal overdoses

An increasing number of individuals using illicit drugs like cocaine are turning to smart devices to monitor their heart rate, revealed recent media reports. Drug users who engage in repeated cocaine abuse are beginning to depend on wearable heart monitors to make sure their heart doesn’t give out. Experts say using technology to keep a watch on activities that could cause potential harm to the heart rate and body temperature is gaining popularity among millennials. Users of cocaine, which is capable of triggering an extreme surge in heart rate, feel that this new technology could help prevent overdose deaths. The…

Returning to professional life post rehab

Post recovery, getting back to an old job, or finding a new one, can be extremely difficult for a person who got treated for his or her drug addiction problem in a rehab. However, one must never forget that there are millions of people worldwide who are also getting treatment and millions of others who are out of the treatment and are trying to get a hold of their professional life. Getting back to work is an inevitable part of recovery, since a regular job is essential to lead a quality life, post recovery. In reality, a job structures the…
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