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Study identifies workplace stress as leading cause of mental disorders in employees

Study identifies workplace stress as leading cause of mental disorders in employees

The lives of majority of the working professionals are defined by hectic schedules, strict deadlines, long working hours and lack of proper rest, nutrition and sleep. As a result, most of them end up suffering from mental ailments like stress, anxiety and depression. In this context, a recent Canadian study identified that workplace stress is the leading cause of mental disorders among employees.

Nearly 78 percent of the respondents admitted missing work due to their underlying mental disorder, while 68 percent of the employees confessed being able to maintain their optimal performance for less than 70 percent of their workday. Surprisingly, 34 percent of the respondents had missed their work for two months or more, found the study.

The findings fell in line with the government data that stated that one in five people in the workforce suffered from some degree of mental illness. In fact, as per a 2017 report, of the 20 million employed Canadians, ranging from 25 years to 64 years, 3.4 million were likely to experience a mental health problem on a given day. As a result, nearly 500,000 Canadians tend to call sick in a week due to their existing mental illnesses.

Unfortunately, the situation is no less grim in the United States, with 18 percent of the workforce suffering from a mental illness in a given month. Apart from causing personal harm to the individual, underlying mental disorders also lead to issues like absenteeism and increase in the cost of sick time, short- and long-term disability and workers’ compensation claims, thereby affecting the entire industry on a larger scale.

Managing stress at workplaces

Often, pressures like tight deadlines, extensive workload and lack of rest can lead to overwhelming stress for employees. Despite the discomfort, majority of them shy away from confronting their superiors and talking about its impact on their mental health. However, ignoring the early signs of a stressor can worsen the condition, allowing it to gradually develop into a mental disorder. Amidst, an employee can follow the below tips to manage stress at their workplace:

  • Dividing the work equally throughout the day can help avoid overstressing during a particular period.
  • Prioritizing the work according to deadlines can save the eleventh hour hassle and rush, thereby keeping anxiety symptoms at bay.
  • Maintaining a record of one’s stressors can help eliminate them with the correct measures.
  • Limiting one’s availability after working hours ensures proper rest and sleep.
  • Taking frequent short breaks helps relax the body and mind.
  • Having an open conversation with supervisors can help them understand one’s workload and the related stress.
  • Practicing stress-busting therapies like yoga and deep breathing provides the brain with a good supply of oxygen, keeping it fresh and stress-free.
  • Keeping distractions like mobiles away while working helps in concentrating better.
  • Adding a personal touch to the workplace like putting photographs or plants helps relieve stress.
  • Utilizing sick leaves to look after mental health care regularly can help get symptomatic relief.

Seeking medical help is equally important

Although the aforementioned tips can help an individual manage stress and tension in his/her workplace, these cannot help in treating an underlying mental disorder. Mental illnesses like anxiety and depression are serious mental health problems. While these conditions can be cured, one needs to undergo proper medical intervention to attain complete recovery.

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