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Amphetamines, one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs, are central nervous system stimulants, usually prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obesity and narcolepsy. Though amphetamines have been in use since the early twentieth century, it has a high rate of abuse due to its euphoric effects. The drug is also a performance enhancer, making it a viable option for indulgence. Amphetamines like Ritalin and Adderall are also referred as “smart drugs” or “study drugs” by adolescents or young adults due to their property to enhance focus, to increase wakefulness and to augment concentration. Thus, these medicines are highly abused by students also.

Amphetamines are Scheduled II controlled substances that can be swallowed, snorted, diluted or injected intravenously. These medicines stimulate the central nervous system and increase the dopamine reward system of the brain to produce euphoric effects.

If you or your loved one is addicted to amphetamines, opt for amphetamine addiction treatment. You may chat with our specialists or call our 24/7 helpline at 866-593-2339 for more information.

Risks of using amphetamines

Amphetamines initially produces a sheer sense of elation and euphoria that leaves a user longing for more. But the chronic use of amphetamines brings in nothing more than the pains of addiction. An individual quickly develops tolerance to the medicine and starts using higher dose to get the same euphoric high. But, little do people know that tolerance gives rise to physical and psychological dependence.

An individual quickly develops tolerance to the medicine and starts using higher dose to get the same euphoric high.

Since the reward center of the brain has gotten used to the medicine, it will crave for more supply with time, triggering dependence. When people try to discontinue the medicine, they experience withdrawal symptoms that will make them want more and people even succumb to this pressure, in spite of knowing it adverse consequences.

Amphetamine abuse can be dangerous. Short-term effects of using it include headaches, nausea, vomiting, dilated pupils etc. Its chronic use can cause:

  • psychosis
  • rapid muscle deterioration
  • heart ailments
  • increased blood pressure and irregular heartbeats
  • seizures and strokes
  • convulsions
  • paranoia

Moreover, while trying to get rid of the side effects of amphetamines, people tend to get addicted to substances like alcohol or drugs.

While trying to get rid of the side effects of amphetamines, people tend to get addicted to substances like alcohol or drugs.

Such a mixture of drugs can be dangerous and can prove to be fatal. Many individuals are susceptible to developing co-occurring disorders like depression, bipolar, anxiety, and schizophrenia that only make matters worse.

Amphetamine addiction can cause dangerous side effects. If you or your loved one is unable to manage amphetamine dependence, seek medical assistance immediately from a reliable amphetamine rehab center. You may chat online with our certified representatives or call us at 866-593-2339 to know more about effective treatments.

Symptoms of amphetamines addiction

People who are addicted to amphetamines exhibit certain symptoms. So, if you or your loved one is addicted to this drug, spot these signs so that proper amphetamine addiction treatment can be sought. An individual might be abusing amphetamines if he or she shows the following symptoms:

  • hiding the continuous usage of amphetamines
  • obsessed with the drug and unable to stop the urge of consuming it
  • mood swings
  • lack of interests shown in activities previously liked
  • skipping work and school and showing poor results in
  • decreased appetite and weight loss
  • lying to friends and family about the drug
  • frequent arguments with family
  • showing unusual behavior signs
  • developing hallucinations and paranoia
  • lack of sleep and increase in fatigue

People are prone to develop amphetamine addiction if the medicine is easily accessible, amphetamine usage is acceptable in his society, the addict suffers from mental disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar or schizophrenia and the addict has financial or personal problems, etc.

Treating amphetamine addiction

A holistic treatment approach is necessary to treat amphetamine addiction. People who are addicted to the drug can’t give it up abruptly. Stopping the drug cold turkey can be detrimental to the health. Amphetamine withdrawal treatment should be done in a clinical setting under the supervision of experts.

Amphetamine withdrawal treatment should be done in a clinical setting under the supervision of experts.

Detoxification, the first step of the de-addiction process, is important to make the body and mind ready to seek proper therapies and other pharmacological treatments. Such a process is available in an inpatient and an outpatient treatment center. However, such treatments are always advisable to be undertaken in an inpatient treatment program so that better round-the-clock care can be provided.

Other treatments that are a part of the comprehensive program are:

Psychotherapies: Psychotherapies form an important part of the amphetamine addiction treatment. Individual counseling, group therapies, couple or family therapies are effective in helping a person cope with the withdrawal symptoms. Psychotherapies help an individual realize the reasons of abusing the drug and resolve problems that have triggered the usage. Moreover, the 12-step drug programs boost the confidence of the abuser to nurture an amphetamine-free life.

Medicines: Clinicians also prescribe medicines as they help cope with severe withdrawal symptoms and ease the urge to abuse the drug.
Such programs are a part of both an inpatient and an outpatient programs. People who are unable to opt for residential stays can go for outpatient treatment programs. They can stay at home and visit the doctors on the assigned days to undertake the treatment program.  However, people who are dependent on amphetamines should opt for inpatient treatment programs that provide a safe environment and round-the-clock monitoring by clinicians. Luxury facilities are also available that give a five-star experience during the treatment. In fact, in executive rehab centers, professionals can use mobile phones and laptops to continue with their daily endeavors while seeking proper amphetamine treatment.

Seeking path to recovery

Addiction is a scourge and it is impossible for a person to fight it all alone. Seeking help to nurture a drug-free life is the best way to get rid of addiction. Amphetamines are luring drugs and it is difficult to avoid it once the body gets addicted to it.

The Recover Mental Health helps connect to the best amphetamine rehab center that has inclusive treatment programs, suiting an individual’s needs. Chat online with our de-addiction specialists or call our 24/7 helpline at 866-593-2339for more information about amphetamine addiction treatment.

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