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David Itzkoff’s ‘Robin’ reveals Robin Williams’s tryst with alcohol and drugs

May 18, 2018 alcohol


David Itzkoff’s ‘Robin’ reveals Robin Williams’s tryst with alcohol and drugs

David L. Itzkoff, an American journalist and writer, recently released his biography on Robin Williams, the late legendary actor and comedian. The book titled “Robin” doesn’t just take the readers through the fame and glory earned by the actor who was full of life but also aptly touches the dark side of his life, his battle against alcohol and drug addiction and the ways in which his talent disguised his conflicting emotions and self-doubt.

Itzkoff’s book is based on the findings drawn from more than a hundred original interviews conducted with family, friends and colleagues, and an extensive archival research. This gave the writer a chance to get a first-hand account from a few friends of the celebrated actor who, at some point or the other, had seen Williams in the grip of alcohol and drugs. Dana Carvey, a friend of Robin recalled how cocaine was ubiquitous on the sets of “Mork & Mindy,” the actor’s first sitcom. “The only thing I remember is cocaine. I don’t remember anything else really. It wasn’t in my wheelhouse. But I know it spoke to Robin,” she said. Another friend Steven Pearl said that the drug was present everywhere in the early career days of Williams. Pam Dawber, who starred as the co-star in “Mork & Mindy” said, “He was running like a mad man. And of course drugs were playing into it. And I’d get mad at him and he’d deny it. It was just classic.”

Itzkoff also claimed that Williams’ drug and alcohol abuse problem was never under wraps. In fact, there was a time when the recreational drug had become a part of his routine affair especially after work at night.

John Belushi’s demise was a rude awakening for Williams

Losing his best friend John Belushi to drug overdose was a huge setback for Williams. Interestingly, the actor was high on cocaine when Dawber broke the news to him. Concerned about the health of Williams, Dawber requested him to stop doing drugs to which Williams answered, ‘That’s never going to happen to me Dawbs.’

It was after this incident Williams chose to go cold turkey, and cut off alcohol and cocaine completely from his daily routine. But this lasted only for a few years and in 2005, his addiction to alcohol relapsed and this time, it was worse than ever. Williams knew that his drinking habit was damaging his relationship with his family beyond repair. But this realization did little to push him toward sobriety.

In 2014, the American singer was found hung dead in his home. It was later revealed that Williams was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and brain-eating disease called Lewy Body Dementia.

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