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Acamprosate Rehab Center

Acamprosate, a medicine used for the treatment of alcohol dependence, helps in restoring the chemical balance in the brain that gets disrupted due to prolonged alcohol use.

Acamprosate is a drug used for the treatment of alcohol dependence.

De-addiction specialists usually prescribe acamprosate, along with counseling and social support, to help a person overcome his inclination toward drinking.

Though acamprosate is one of the most widely prescribed drugs for alcohol dependence in the United States, continued usage of the medicine can make patients dependent on it. Moreover, some people cannot abstain from alcohol if they don’t consume the medicine. Gradually, people develop tolerance to the drug and eventually get addicted to it.

If you have developed tolerance to acamprosate and is getting addicted to it, immediately seek medical help from a specialized acamprosate rehab center. Chat online or call our de-addiction specialists at 866-593-2339.

Side effects of acamprosate

Every medicine can have side effects and acamprosate is not different. Some of the side effects of the drug are:

  • diarrhea
  • itching
  • numbness
  • dizziness
  • appetite loss
  • weakness

Other ill effects of the drug are irregular heartbeats, low or high blood pressure, headaches, impotence, and other allergic reactions. Family members and other well wishers of the patient should be aware that though acamprosate is not a controlled substance and has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is also not devoid of harmful effects. Those on acamprosate medication may show signs of hallucinations, abnormal dreams, suicidal tendencies, self-harm or intentional injuries, etc. Immediate medical assistance should be sought in case a patient exhibits such symptoms.

If you see such symptoms in yourself or your loved ones, contact a medical care provider to discuss about the condition at 866-593-2339 and know more about acamprosate addiction treatment.

Who should avoid using acamprosate?

Acamprosate should be avoided by people who suffer from certain medical conditions. Those who come under the high-risk category are:

  • patients with severe renal impairment
  • individuals with severe kidney problem
  • individuals having suicidal thoughts and tendencies
  • people suffering from depression
  • pregnant women
  • older people
  • people allergic to certain drugs

Acamprosate addiction treatment

Treatment of acamprosate addiction can be done in either an inpatient or an outpatient treatment center. As acamprosate is administered in such centers, addiction to it can be treated in a specialized acamprosate rehab center. However, acamprosate addiction treatment should always be conducted in a clinically controlled setting, preferably an inpatient treatment center.

Treatment for acamprosate addiction should always be carried out in a clinically controlled setting, preferably an inpatient treatment center.

Detoxification is the first step to treating any kind of addiction and acamprosate is no exception. If an individual has developed high tolerance to the drug, a proper detoxification in an inpatient treatment center will be the best option. Medical specialists and a clinically controlled setting can help manage the withdrawal symptoms occurring due to drug abstinence.

However, an outpatient acamprosate addiction treatment is also available for people who cannot commit to residential treatments due to family commitments or are more comfortable taking the treatment at home with minimal cravings during the recovery period. In fact, people can also seek treatment in an executive or luxury acamprosate rehab center that offers the patients the liberty to use phones, laptops, internet to continue with their other commitments. Moreover, people who would like to enjoy a five-star experience during the treatment process can opt for luxurious deluxe facilities with all the modern and comfortable amenities.

In case you want the best acamprosate addiction treatment, seek assistance from our specialists by chatting online or calling them at 866-593-2339.

Getting help to attain sobriety

The U.S. has a large number of people addicted to alcohol. In such a scenario, there is a probability of developing an addiction to medicines like acamprosate. There might be people who have difficulty remaining sober without taking it. If the drug has become a daily dose in your life, it is time to seek treatment immediately, as you might have developed an addiction. Seeking treatment from acamprosate rehab center can help you beat the odds of addiction and help you attain sobriety.

We, at Recover Mental Health, can help you find the most reliable acamprosate rehab center that can help you get rid of your addiction. Chat online with our de-addiction experts or call our 24/7 helpline at 866-593-2339 to know more about acamprosate addiction and its related treatments.

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